Going to California…..


Stuck in Minneapolis. I just ordered sushi via an iPad. Life is fancy.

My flight was supposed to leave MSP at 9:20, but my flight from Dayton was delayed two hours. As a result, I have four unplanned hours at the airport. While at first I was whiny and bitchy, I soon decided to try and make the best of a bad situation.

Did you know that the loop around the different concourses at MSP is almost 1.5 miles? I walked it about two and a half times, which was nice. Traveling often means zero exercise, so it’s good to find an airport that encourages you to keep moving!

After being in Minneapolis for four hours, my flight to Salt Lake City was late taking off, causing me to miss my connecting flight to Orange County by about three minutes. I am now sat at a bar in Salt Lake killing time, since I have a total of five hours here. And there are no seats on the OC flight, so they’re flying me to Ontario, CA (when I first saw that I thought they meant Canada!).

Is traveling ever easy? It always seems like it’s either smooth sailing, or a complete disaster. I’d be happy with something in between. As it is, I’ll be arriving in CA 12 hours after I was scheduled to arrive. Fun times.


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