Long Run, Eight Weeks to Go!

marathon training long runThe countdown is on. Eight weeks until I make myself run 26.2 hilly miles along with other crazy people who think this is a good idea.

This weekend’s long run was 18 miles. Prior to starting, my brain tried telling me how it was soooooo very far, and how I would probably feel like crap afterwards. Well, to my brain, I say “HA! WRONG!” Sure, it was a long way, but it actually turned out to be my best long run so far–even better than last weekend’s 13-miler!

Starting out, I couldn’t get my Nike+ GPS watch to cooperate. Luckily, I had my phone with me so I was able to use the Nike+ app instead. The run was actually about 18.2, and took about 2:45 of total active time. I didn’t want to keep pulling my phone out of my pocket at every water stop, so I just let it go. I was aiming to start with a 10-minute mile to avoid burning out like in previous weeks, but I kept up with the group and averaged around a 9:30 overall. I felt great, and was able to function for the entire day afterwards! This has made me feel much more confident overall about my chances for race day! I’m sure a huge part of it has to do with my awesome run group, put on by local run store Up and Running in Dayton!

ImageWe also had perfect weather–not too warm, not too cold–which was great, since last weekend we ran a half marathon along the Pacific Coast Highway in Orange County, CA. Sigh.

Last weekend, I tried to beat my previous half marathon record, but I was off by about a minute. No big deal–it was much warmer than I was used to! I also cheated, and paused my watch to take breaks and admire the scenery numerous times. But I still finished in under two hours, so I was happy with that!

After running to the sound of the ocean, I was dreading coming home this week to run in the icy tundra that has been Ohio this winter. But luckily, the weather seems to have turned here (knock on wood) and I’ve been running in two layers instead of ten. According to my three weather apps (yes, I’m a little obsessive) it’ll be in the 60s next week, so I am pumped to possibly run in shorts and a t-shirt!

My last two long runs have made me feel like I might actually be prepared for the Flying Pig this year. I’m not aiming for a time–just to finish–but I feel stronger and more confident going into it this year than last. And that’s what counts!

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