Spring is here…. no, wait.

Spring in Ohio

SPRING!!! Oh, wait. Just kidding.

Tuesday was a beautiful day. Sun shining, birds singing, Cat in a happy mood. It was difficult to believe my various weather apps when they told me that Wednesday and Thursday would bring cold and snow.

But yep, there it is!

Tuesday was incredible. I ran after work with the run group. We ran eight miles and I was super fast and actually sweating! I’d forgotten what that felt like. Wednesdays I run during work with my friend and colleague Steff, and we went six. We were back to layers and gloves, and it was depressing. But we did it anyway, because we’re tough (crazy?). At times yesterday, the rain/sleet was so hard it felt like tiny needles pricking my face over and over again. Fun times.

Today I am taking a break from running because a) there is a “real feel” of -8 degrees FAHRENHEIT outside; b) I’m really, really, really effing tired. No big deal–Ill run tomorrow when it’s supposed to be back in the 50s.

I guess this weird weather is all part of living in Ohio in the spring. Sometimes we seem to experience all four seasons in a 24-hour period. It’s a great amount of fun, really. My biggest annoyance is the fact that we’ll have a day like Tuesday and I’ll get all excited for spring and warmer weather, and then it’ll snow and I’ll be back in my winter finery. It’s like a preview of what’s to come someday… but there’s no guarantee just when that day will be.

Still, I have high hopes that this winter crap will be over soon. And then we’ll get to deal with April showers, tornadoes, thunderstorms and the like. Oh dear.

How’s the weather where you are? Go on. Make me jealous.

5 thoughts on “Spring is here…. no, wait.

  1. Awe, sorry to hear about the weather. We had a few days of really nice weather but now it is windy and cold today!! Ugh, and this weather is supposed to continue, too!! 😦

  2. Oh yes, I remember those Ohio weather mood swings well. We have them in Texas too, but at least it’s usually much warmer. I think today is supposed to be in the 70’s. I’ll take it.

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