Good Weather + Encouragement = Fastest 10K Ever

Yesterday, I ran a 10K after work with my run group. I didn’t set out to get a PR, but that’s what happened.

It was a beautiful day – mid 50s, sunny, with a nice, cooling breeze. My normal 10K pace is something around 54 minutes (although I’ve actually never run a 10K race, or noticed my time when running one by myself). But yesterday, even though I was feeling tired and my calves were aching from my midday strength workout, I pushed myself and finished in 52:33 with an average pace of 8:28 per mile. Running with a group is still new to me, but it’s pushed me to be faster and (hopefully) more efficient, and I hope to be able to run my upcoming marathon more effectively than I did last year.

Cat Hiles 10K PR

Thanks for the encouragement, Nike.

Today, though, my legs are all “WHYYYY did you do this to us?!” I found myself telling my running buddy that we need to stick to a 9:00 average on our midweek longer run today, and then realized that a 9:00 pace is my fastest ever half-marathon pace. How things change.

On the schedule for this week, as well as today’s 7-miler, is another 10K tomorrow (the run group is having local beer afterwards!), followed by a 12-miler on Saturday. Then we start moving into scarier territory, including a 20-miler and–gasp–a 22-miler. Am I insane? Perhaps.

What’s your 10K PR?
I have a friend who ran a 10K in 45:57 last weekend. One can only dream.

4 thoughts on “Good Weather + Encouragement = Fastest 10K Ever

    • Thanks! I remember the 20-milers I ran during training last year being terrible, but I feel much better prepared for them this time!

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