Croissandwich, and Other Food Mashups

Every morning on my way to work, I pass the Burger King down the street. Usually, the sign out front tells me of whatever deals they currently have going on with their Whoppers or what have you. But this week, the sign has changed; now it informs me of something called a “Croissandwich.”

While the thought of a croissant and a sandwich is actually pretty tasty, the thought of eating such a thing from BK is not appealing to me at all. However, it got me thinking of how many strange food combinations we now have access to that years ago would have seemed strange and unappetizing. Nowadays, it seems like the norm to take two delicious things that you wouldn’t necessarily think to put together, and do just that. And more often than not, the result is all kinds of yum.

The popularity of bacon has risen so much in recent years that I can now easily find recipes for chocolate-covered bacon, among other delicacies. I don’t eat bacon, so have never tried this combination. But chocolate-covered potato chips, burgers that use doughnuts instead of a regular bun, and even doughnut grilled cheese are springing up all over the place. I’ve never tried any of the things I just listed–perhaps I need to expand my horizons?–but I love that food is evolving from the expected into previously uncharted territory.

Delicious food

I need all of this in my piehole.

Some stuff is pretty weird–I found some odd ones when I Googled “unusual food combinations” (thanks, Buzzfeed!). But then there are food items such as the elusive Cronut that I’d try in a heartbeat.Or anything to do with donuts, really.

A friend once recommended a peanut butter and pickle sandwich to me. I have yet to try it, but I do like pretty much anything with peanut butter. And my husband’s favorite meal at Taste of Belgium’s Bistro in Cincinnati is their McWaffle–a Belgian waffle topped with bacon, egg, and Swiss cheese. I’m considering a grilled cheese donut from Tom+Chee after running the Flying Pig next month, but I can’t decide if it sounds delicious or gross.

But enough of my ramblings. Tell me the weirdest food combination you’ve ever seen, or tried, and let me know if it was any good!

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