New Shoes! And Other Exciting Things in the Life of a Runner

Brooke Pure Connect 3

My awesome new running shoes ❀

It’s the little things that make me happy. Last weekend–three weeks out from the marathon–I decided I needed to get me some new shoes, fast. I have been going between two different pairs that hurt my feet in various ways, and the last thing I want is to be hobbling through my marathon because my feet have blisters the size of golf balls. So, into the running store I went, to order me some shoes.

I’ve been running in the same model of shoes, with the exception of the last pair I bought, ever since I started training for my first ever half marathon. The shoes in question are Brooks PureConnect. The first version of these shoes was so awesome, I went through two pairs. When it was time to replace pair #2, I headed to the store only to find out that they didn’t have them in stock. Instead of ordering them, I decided I couldn’t wait and took the risk of buying some different shoes. BIG mistake! I ended up with Merrell trail shoes that were super clumpy and inexplicably squeaked when I ran. In addition, they started giving me some pretty huge blisters the last month or so. I did the majority of my marathon training in them, which was fine in the winter when I was wearing two pairs of socks, but once the layers came off it was bad news.

In addition, I had ordered the PureConnect 2 from Zappos and had been switching between them and the Merrells. Although I loved the shoes, there was a seam that ran over my little toes that rubbed like crazy and did not feel good. It was bad times all around.

Baked tofu salad

Lunch time!

So onto my new, shiny, beautiful shoes. I picked them up last night on the way home from work, and put them on this morning for my 12-miler. They were AWESOME. The offending seam has disappeared in the PureConnect 3 model, so no more sad little toe. They did rub my Achilles a little, but that was always a problem with the original PureConnects until I wore them in. But the rubbing was minimal, and my feet felt great for the entire run. Success! I’m excited to wear them for the Flying Pig in two weeks!

After today’s run, we came home, showered, and ate lunch. We had lots of vegetables in the house because I went a bit crazy at Trader Joe’s last week, so I had a salad with shredded cabbage, tomato, cucumber, snow peas, avocado, and baked tofu. I used my favorite sesame soy ginger dressing, and had a couple of slices of toast on the side. Yum!

Once we’d eaten, we grabbed the pups and headed out for a walk. We had another showing of our house so needed to be out for at least an hour. We ended up driving to a nearby bike trail and walking about four miles. We’re crazy like that. Since we’ve been back, I have made dog treats and date/cashew energy balls, and now it’s beer time. All in all, a fantastic Saturday!



Do you have a go-to running shoe model?Β After my experience with the Merrells, I doubt I’ll ever stray from my beloved Brooks again.

What’s your favorite weekend activity?Β Besides my Saturday morning run, mine is anything that involves either being outside, or being in the kitchen!

Dougal and Stumpy

Pooped pups!

15 thoughts on “New Shoes! And Other Exciting Things in the Life of a Runner

  1. I love getting new shoes! I wear Asics and I will probably stay with them forever. I was actually fitted at a running store for a pair of Brooks and a month later I had to stop running because I thought I had a stress fracture! So I went back to Asics and I have been fine ever since. Everyone’s feet are so different!

    • I know, it’s weird how one shoe is perfect for one person but the worst thing ever for another! Definitely better to stick with what works for you πŸ™‚

  2. I like getting new shoes, but I don’t like how they feel until a few weeks have passed. Then they’re in the comfort zone! Favorite weekend activity? This time of year it;s sleeping past 5:30AM, then a sit down breakfast (always eat on the fly when I’m at work), coaching my kids, and then sitting on the deck watching the sun go down.

    • Yeah, the wearing-in period can be tough! And that sounds like a great weekend–I love watching the sun go down with a nice glass of wine or beer πŸ™‚

  3. I wear Saucony Omni’s I really love them and am due for a new pair! I was slated to do the Pig, I’m near Cincy, however a wicked case of PF and a broken toe removed that from my agenda – I am doing the Queen Bee in October. Wahoo for new shoes!!!

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