You Are My Sunshine…

Sunshine AwardsIt wasn’t a super sunny day here–and even if it was, I was stuck in a cubicle all day and wouldn’t have noticed. But regardless, there was plenty of sunshine in my day! I loved watching the coverage of the Boston Marathon, and was in awe of all the runners and have incredible they all were. Congrats to Meb–first American male to win the Boston Marathon in more than 30 years! It was truly inspiring to see how strong the runners and the city were, and I wish I could have been there to experience it in person!

Another sunny part of my day was learning that I had been nominated for a Sunshine Award by the incredible Rob from Weight2Lose2013! Like all the bloggers I follow, Rob injects daily sunshine into my life with his humor and kindness. Although I’ve only been part of the blogging community for a couple of months, I love just how supportive bloggers are of each other, and I look forward to seeing what my favorites have been getting up to!

Onto the award itself. In the nomination, Rob asked me to post ten random facts about myself. So here they are!

1. I have dual British/American citizenship, and I always feel like a secret agent when I travel with my two passports.

2. In keeping with the stereotype, I love drinking tea, and drink a least five cups a day.

3. I write about cars and car-related news in my job. Secret time: I don’t like cars.

4. It took Β me about four years to really consider myself a “runner”–even after I had run multiple half marathons I still couldn’t think of myself as a runner.

5. I go to bed pretty early every night. If I’m still awake by 10:30, it’s a crazy night for me.

6. I like discussing poop with my friends.

7. I could eat pizza multiple times a week and never get bored of it. Same with ice cream.

8. I’ve been brewing my own beer with my hubby for over a year now, and have become something of a beer snob.

9. I try to make my own food from scratch whenever possible, because processed food creeps me out.

10. I worked at a doggy daycare for a year and a half, and now have a long list of dog breeds I never want to own!


Here are my nominees for the Sunshine Award!

1. Miles for Thought

2. Irish Runner Chick

3.Β The Dancing Runner

4. Run for the Pizza

5. Pretty Little Runner


If you accept the nomination, post ten random facts about yourself! It was actually a little tough to think of ten, but I think I succeeded at randomness!

8 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine…

  1. Great job, Cat! Pizza and Ice cream are the foods of the Gods! I can’t have them, though, well maybe on occasion. I’m off to check out your nominees!


    • I try to limit the pizza and ice cream but sometimes it’s difficult! I do pretty well saving them for treats though… most of the time! πŸ˜‰

  2. Awww, YAY, so awesome!!! Wow, I LOVE your facts!!! Doggy daycare!! Too cool and I could eat pizza lots, too and NEVER get bored! It’s so delicious!! I always go to bed very early and well…I think you’re pretty cool!!! XOXO!!! πŸ˜‰

  3. I love your Doggy Day Care fact! And I’m right there with you when it comes to ice cream. I love it so much that Hubs and I had an ice cream sunday bar at our wedding (next to the real bar of course!) πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing more about you!

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