Apologies, Awards, and an Awesome PR

So I have been pretty lax at posting lately. One of the main reasons for this is that I switched jobs at work and now spend my days writing for an auto news publication, The News Wheel (look, here I am!). Now, I am not really into cars too much, but I really enjoy my job and get to write about anything vaguely to do with cars (cops giving people ice cream, anyone?). I am also now somewhat of an expert on Toyota, although I haven’t decided if that is a  good thing or a bad thing. Anyway, since I spend all day on WordPress, sometimes I just don’t feel like coming home and blogging. Shocking, I know. One last shameless plug–if you like car-related news, check out the website because I work with some hilarious and extremely talented writers!

Oh, also, I was busy being awesome and getting a 5K PR today – 23:28! The last 5K I ran was closer to 28 from what I remember. Go me!

2014 Lou Cox 5K

Me before kicking the 5K’s ass.

So, moving on (thanks for staying with me through that if you’ve made it this far). I logged into WP this morning to discover that I had been nominated for a Liebster Award by Claudia from The Breakfast Drama Queen. I discovered her awesome blog by accident but I am super glad I did. I love breakfast, especially oatmeal, and Claudia has some incredible recipes with pictures that make me want to lick my screen. So far, I have resisted but you never know! So, if you like food or have eyes, check out her blog right now. I’ve accepted the award before, so I’m not sure the etiquette of accepting it again, but I want to answer Claudia’s questions so here goes!

As part of the award, I am supposed to give 11 facts about myself, then answer 11 questions (provided by Claudia), then nominate 11 other bloggers.

11 Facts

1. My middle name is Louise
2. I eat oatmeal for breakfast pretty much every single day (I’m actually eating it as I type)
3. I own a huge amount of cookbooks but rarely use them
4. I get really grumpy when I am thirsty and don’t have any water to drink
5. I never know what to say when people ask me where I’m from because I’ve moved around so much
6. I’ve always wanted to visit China
7. I never had a *real* pet before the first dog I got with my husband, and now I can’t imagine life without them
8. I like to eat all the chocolate
9. I am actually five years old and giggle when someone says “duty” and it sounds like “doody”
10. Up until about 2 1/2 years ago I hated running. Now I’m addicted
11. I’m going to Portugal in less than two months. SO EXCITED!!!

11 Answers

1. What’s your idea of a perfect day?
Waking up, going for a long run, coming back for a nice long shower then eating oatmeal (or eggs, baked beans, and an English muffin). In the afternoon, going for a walk with the pups, or possibly going to a local brewpub for a beer or two, and then eating pizza. And then going to bed early, ’cause that’s how I roll.

2. If you could be eating anything right now, what would it be?
A doughnut.

3. What is your favorite herb/spice?
I use cinnamon the most, but my favorite is probably a toss-up between cumin and cilantro.

4. How many countries have you visited and/or lived in?
I’ve lived in four–England, the Isle of Man (technically a country, in my opinion), Belgium, and the U.S.

I’ve visited many more–Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Malta, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Tunisia, Egypt, South Africa… I think that’s it (and Portugal will soon join the list!)

5. What is your favorite type of coffee beverage (Frappucino, latte, ice coffee, etc.)?
I hate coffee. My favorite tea is one I get on Saturdays after my long runs. It’s turmeric ginger hot tea and it’s delicious.

6. Why did you start blogging?
Because I felt like I had things to say. I did mainly because I wanted to share my thoughts, regardless of whether or not anyone wanted to read them.

7. Car, bus, subway, or train?
Train or subway. I miss having access to these means of public transport, and I hate being so reliant on my car.

8. What are three things in your kitchen that you couldn’t live without?
Besides the obvious (oven) I’d say my electric kettle, cast iron skillet, and my Vitamix.

9. Where do you get your news? Or do you not follow the news at all?
I get all mine from NPR. I’m a proud supporter of my local station, WYSO in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

10. Do you have a particular food philosophy or special diet that you follow (gluten-free, paleo, vegan, etc.)?
I  don’t really have any labels. But I don’t eat meat, except very very rarely (like twice in the last three years). I do eat fish and seafood. So I suppose I’m a pescatarian?

11. What is the one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t?
That’s a tough one because there are so many. But let’s go with white water rafting through the Grand Canyon because that sounds awesome.

11 Questions

1. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
2. Who is your favorite public figure, living or dead, and why?
3. Cats, or dogs?
4. Do you subscribe to/regularly read any magazines? If so, which one?
5. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
6. Where are you from?
7. What makes you grumpy? Or are you one of these magical people who is always happy? (If so, tell me your secrets!)
8. Name one place you have always wanted to visit and explain why.
9. What was your first pet?
10. Name one movie you could watch over and over again and never get bored.
11. What’s your favorite way to get some exercise?

11 Bloggers

Pirate Bobcat
Running Southern
Headlong Running Betty
Run Salt Run
Fitness Meets Frosting
Run With Pup
Shaz Runs
My Weigh to Lose
2 Cups n Run
So What? I Run

13 thoughts on “Apologies, Awards, and an Awesome PR

  1. Hey! My middle name is Louise too! Twinners! Awesome job kicking your 5Ks ass today! You totally rocked it! And thank you for thinking of me when listing your 11 bloggers! You’re so sweet!

  2. Hi Cat! Congratulations on your new job, your 5k time and your Liebster award! Everything is clicking for you! Thanks for nominating my blog as well!

    Have a great day,

  3. Ahhh! Congrats on the PR! Pure awesomeness right there! I’m so excited for you! 5k’s are tough because they are “fast” for 3.1 miles straight…. no so forgiving if you screw up along the way… I miss that distance, I think I need to add one in my roster stat…

    Great job again!

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