30 days of what now?

So lately it seems like I’m surrounded by 30-day challenges. First came the ab challenge that seems to have taken the country by storm. I meant to do that one, really I did. But then I….. didn’t.

I know a couple of people participating in the June 30-day ab challenge (guess it’s over now, hey!), and it sounded okay at first. A short plank, a few crunches and sit-ups, a couple of leg lifts. But then by day 20-something it sounded insane! When does a fitness challenge turn into a daily time commitment?

(Challenges from Catch 88)

Now, I’m all for dedicating time to exercise. I run four weekdays before work and one weekend day. I work out at lunch time five days a week. I lift, squat, do yoga, whatever. I’m exhausted! But now I feel like I need to add to my crowded workout schedule by challenging myself to get a stronger core, or a tighter butt, or both! Anyone else feel this way?

I have been pinning some cool-sounding 30-day challenges, and I’m mostly interested in the push-up one and the plank one. There’s just something so appealing about being able to do push-ups properly, rather than getting less than halfway down and feeling like I might collapse and die. But do I really need to do a push-up challenge? Who knows.

Now is not the time to be starting anything anyway, since we will be going on vacation soon for a couple of weeks. But when I return, it’s push-up time! Or not…

Anyone else inundated with 30-day challenges?

Should I do one? Which one?

Why are proper push-ups so difficult and sucky?

12 thoughts on “30 days of what now?

  1. Can you add any of them into your already planned workouts? They don’t seem to take too long. That’s what I do to get a tighter butt. 😉
    Push ups aren’t so hard if you have upper body strength. 🙂
    Sorry, apparently I’m a smart ass tonight.

    • Yeah, you’re a smart ass 😐

      I have upper body strength, but apparently not enough. Push ups are my nemesis. I’ll probably do a challenge once I get back from vacation anyway.

  2. I attempted the ab challenge and we sorta had a group of us doing it… I made it to about day 18… It’s HARD! I thought I was way more fit! I could barely get through all of the sit ups! I loved the idea I just couldn’t make it:( maybe I’ll give it a go again in august;)

  3. I started the squat challenge in March I made it 12 days then I missed one and got back and well…what challenge?? My challenge is to run 100 miles this month I sneak in whatever else I can. I don’t know anyone who has finished one yet!

    • I have one friend who finished the June ab challenge, but she’s superhuman. 100 miles this month sounds doable though! 🙂

  4. I like the idea of 30 challenges, but I usually forget about them until the third or fourth day of the month. Then I want to ‘catch up’, but the idea of doing something like 100 push-ups in one day doesn’t sound fun to me, so I just don’t do them…haha.

  5. I am actively engaged in the “Get out of bed and try and keep your eyes open all day” challenge. So far I’ve had mixed results 🙂

    • Hi Rob! I’m doing great, just fallen off the blogging wagon a little. I’ve been thinking I should write something. Perhaps this is the week! Hope you’re doing well!

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