These last few months…

It’s been months since my last post. When I started this blog I had images of me writing every few days, or at least once a week. And for a while, I did it! But then, some stuff happened that kind of changed my life, and I lost touch with my blog. But I want to start blogging again, even if it’s not as frequently as I like. So here’s a very brief update of where I am:

1. In July, I went to Portugal for my friend’s wedding, where I are a lot of seafood, bread, olive oil, and wine. It was incredible.


2. In August, I discovered that Ben and I brought back an unintentional (but very welcome!) souvenir from our vacation–one we look forward to meeting in April. Yep, vacation baby!


3. Once I discovered I was pregnant, I had to drop out of my third marathon. However, I was able to sign up for the half instead, and in October I ran my first (and probably only) pregnant half-marathon! I felt pretty badass.


4. Now, we’re just trying to prepare for our arrival. I’ve cut back on running since it makes me tired so easily now, but I’ve taken up swimming and have kept up with strength training. I feel awesome! (Although my belly is getting a little out of control 😁)


So that’s my last few months in a nutshell. What have you been up to for the last few months?

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