Here Comes Trouble!

Hey guys! First of all, thanks so much for the wonderful comments and congratulations on my last post! It’s been a couple of weeks but I’m hanging in there and feeling good!

Last week we had the 20-week ultrasound and discovered that our baby is a girl! I always wanted a girl so I was thrilled. She’s cute already, look!

Anyway, it’s been a bit busy around here lately, what with work and baby things (we’re also moving house but that’s an entirely different post). I’ve managed to stay active though, swimming three times a week, running three times a week, and lifting three to four times a week. I also started prenatal yoga last week which was great!

Hope everyone is doing well. What have you been up to?

5 thoughts on “Here Comes Trouble!

  1. Last weekend was the family dinner/dessert night where I made “haystacks”, and then yesterday I made more keychains. (Check out my blog for more info on both subjects.) 😛

    Have a good evening, and congrats! ❤

  2. Congratulations!!!! How exciting. I remember going to high gear once we found out our kids were boys. Paint, window dressings and themes were a blast to pick out.

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