Family Photo Fun

My mum is visiting at the moment from the UK. She arrived on December 10th and is flying home this week. While she was here, my babysitter/photographer friend Joy came over to take some photos of Rose and her Granny. Joy is one of my best friends and a truly wonderful person. I’m lucky that she is able to and happy to watch Rose while I’m at work. It’s a lot easier to leave her with someone I love and trust rather than a relative stranger.

 I was off work New Year’s Eve and Day, so I enjoyed a four-day weekend with the family. On Sunday, I ran the furthest I’ve run since the Columbus half marathon when I was about 18 weeks pregnant. That was October 2014. Sunday, I ran 12.45 miles and it felt great. I definitely feel ready for my half in just under two weeks.

 I’m at about 21 miles for the month so far, so I took a rest day today. Tomorrow morning I plan to run 5 miles before work, either on the treadmill or outside (although 16 degrees probably means treadmill).

 Check out Joy’s photography website here. She’s also on Facebook.

Hope everyone had a good start to the week!

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