Getting Organized

This photo accurately depicts my life…

I am by far an organized person. I tend to leave clothes piling up on my dresser all week before finally putting them away on Saturday or Sunday. My kitchen counter is littered with papers that I need to address but aren’t top priority. Every surface in my house is cluttered with random things — for example, my desk, where I am sitting to write this, has a bottle of nail polish, a few My Little Ponies (not mine, I swear), hair ties, and random pieces of paper with drawings on.

From time to time, I think about how nice it would be to be organized and clutter-free. But no matter how much I tidy or purge, more junk seems to show up in its place. It’s like with grey hairs — you pull one out and six more take its place. That accurately describes my life of trying to be organized.

We spent two weeks in the UK this month, and when we got back I got really annoyed by how much crap we have. I started with my closet and donated two bags of clothes to Goodwill. This was huge for me; I even got rid of some dresses I’ve had for years and refused to give away because they were pretty, despite the fact that I would likely never wear them again.

This morning, I took aim at our front room. It’s always been a catch-all room that turned into where the kids’ toys went to die. There were blocks scattered on the floor, random crayons, plastic bananas, and a table covered with stickers. This also happens to be where my husband set up his desk for his new job working from home. Yikes…

The room will never be perfect, and my house will never be clutter-free. But we spent some time this morning getting rid of old toys and moving furniture around, and it is definitely an improvement. Now I just need to stop looking at perfect rooms on Pinterest. Because, no matter how hard I purge or put things away, there will always be a mess in my house.

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