Things I’m thankful for…

Happy Thanksgiving! This isn’t a holiday I grew up with, but over the last 13 years since moving to the U.S. it has become one of my favorites. Things are a little different each year, but one thing has remained consistent for the past 11 years: starting the day running the five-mile ORRRC Turkey Trot.

In years past, Ben and I have both run the Trot, but this year we didn’t have any childcare options so he let me do the run while he stayed home with the kiddos. This is my favorite race of the year so I was grateful to be able to run it.

After getting back and getting cleaned up, we went to one of my best friends’ houses for dinner. Rosie the picky eater ate some bread and cranberry sauce for dinner, and cake for dessert. The rest of us (including Liam) gorged on everything else. Liam especially liked the green beans, and there were leftovers, so guess what he is having for dinner.

There’s a lot for me to be thankful for this year. Here’s a short list.

  • My beautiful, wild children
  • My husband, who is the best dad ever and lets me run the Turkey Trot 🙂
  • My friends, who are always there for me even if our busy lives mean we don’t get to see each other as often as we would like
  • My family ❤
  • My job, where I get to work alongside some fantastic and talented people who continue to keep me challenged
  • My health, and my ability to run even in this busy season of life
  • Bread

What are your Thanksgiving traditions, and what are you thankful for?

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