Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Day 4

Today started out well. I ran 4 miles on the treadmill while watching This is Us. Then I got a quiet shower and drank some quiet coffee while the kids were still asleep. Rose got up around 8.

I remembered something as I was getting Rose a drink and some cereal. Cat from a year ago decided to buy a stack of Scholastic workbooks from Groupon as a gift for Rose. They have been collecting dust on the bookshelf ever since. Today I remembered they were there and pulled them out. There’s a bunch of pre-K books and some kindergarten ones. She loves doing school work so I feel like this will be a huge win! We also spent some time looking at x-rays online (a.k.a. science class).

day 4 quarantine mom screen time
Day 4: Getting shit done

After Liam got up, I realized it was supposed to rain all afternoon (again) so I rallied the kids to go for a walk in the stroller. That resulted in a 10-minute screaming tantrum from Rose because she didn’t want to put socks on, and in her own words, was “too tired to walk to the stroller.” She cried, I lost my temper and yelled, and the walk was almost called off. But I realized I needed to walk for my sanity, so we worked it out and ended up walking 2.3 miles.

In between all this, I worked as much as I could. Today was pretty low-key, but I did have some shit hit a fan this afternoon and spent time trying to figure that out.

All in all, it wasn’t the worst day ever but it also wasn’t the best. In order to get some emails sent late afternoon I put on some toddler BS on YouTube to occupy Liam and it worked but I definitely felt guilty.

Looking forward to Friday!

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