Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Day 9

Does anyone else feel like they are doing a half-assed job of absolutely everything right now?

For example, I can’t get into high-focus tasks at work because my kids keep interrupting me (understandably so). I also can’t spend time coloring or playing with the kids because I need to be working. When it comes to dinner time, you’d think someone who is home all day would have a better idea of what to make, but in general it’s been a panicked decision around 5 p.m. when I realize I need to feed everyone.

I’m trying to give myself grace. I can’t do everything right now. Yes, the house is messy and I am wearing PJs at lunchtime. But my kids are safe and my coworkers are surviving (many in the same position I am in).

Day 9: No bathroom privacy in this office

Day 9 (March 24)

I started my day with a 5-mile treadmill run. The treadmill typically fills me with dread, but luckily I remembered that doing interval workouts makes a treadmill run go a lot faster than just pounding away and wondering why time is going so slowly. I will definitely be hitting Pinterest for more treadmill workouts.

Had some technical difficulties in video calls today. They were not helped by the fact that Liam decided to start playing with his loud corn popper toy and kept wheeling it past my desk. It’s hard to go from in-person meetings to virtual meetings. We’ve been experimenting with different platforms but I think my main issue is my internet connection.

We did get to spend some time outside. We did our usual stroller walk and went almost 2 miles. Then, we played outside in the backyard for about half an hour. I’m very thankful we made an investment a couple of years back in a quality play set. The kids ran around, played on the slide and swings, and got to be loud and carefree (and so did I)!

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