Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Day 12

Do you guys have a problem where every time you have any sort of ailment you start googling to see if it’s a symptom of coronavirus?

I have been doing this all week. I feel achey; am I tired or is it coronavirus? Headache: dehydrated or coronavirus? Stomach cramps: uterus or coronavirus? I need to stop. I’ve also been dreaming frequently that I or someone in my family gets coronavirus.

In all likelihood, even if I get it I will be okay, though there are some scary stories of otherwise healthy young people dying from the virus so I figure it could be any one of us. Anyway, let’s talk about today.

Day 12 (March 27)

It rained so much today! We didn’t go outside at all and I’m feeling a little stir crazy. But overall, I’m in pretty good spirits at the end of this week. I ordered a bunch of crap from Target last night for Rose’s birthday which should be here in plenty of time. And I had a decently productive day, all things considered.

Day 12: Working and making pancakes

Probably the highlight of today was the 20-minute break I took where Rose and I played Hungry Hungry Hippos. It was nice to be fun and carefree instead of saying, “sorry, I have to work.”

I also managed to make pancakes for the kids while listening into a meeting this morning. That was nice; I felt kind of like supermom managing to successfully do a couple of things at a time.

This weekend I’m planning a long run (19 miles… still marathon training even though my marathon was cancelled) and not much else. Hoping for nice weather so we can play outside. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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