Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Days 13-15

Over the weekend (days 13 and 14), we spent lots of quality time together as a family. I got my long run in (it was really tough but I did it), we went for lots of walks in the sunshine, and I spent a good part of Sunday reading. It was just what I needed to reset for week 3 of working from home with the kids.

Day 15 (March 30)

Today went the same as many of my days have gone. I started with a treadmill run, had a shower, and was at my computer ready to work by 7. Rose was up at 5:55 while I was on the treadmill and spent the day painting, playing outside, and watching TV. Liam was up a little later and pretty much spent the day eating. The highlight of my day was seeing his excitement when he saw he was getting Spaghetti O’s for lunch.

Day 15: Liam eating yogurt (excuse Rose’s hand-me-down bib)

We went for the usual walk and Rose picked up some leaves, pine cones, and dandelions. When we got home she painted the pine cone pink because why not. I was hoping the walk would wake me up as I started feeling really tired around 3, but it didn’t seem to help. It was nice to get fresh air, though.

Day 15: Skipping action shot

I feel kind of meh today, probably because it’s Monday and it’s usually pretty meh. There’s also the possibility that the state will close parks because people can’t be responsible and stay 6 feet away from each other. We walked at a local park yesterday and, while there weren’t many people there, the skate park had several kids there even though it is closed, and I had to walk in the muddy grass with the double stroller to get some distance from a man and woman who were practically taking the entire path and showing no signs of giving me the right amount of space. It’s frustrating that those who aren’t taking this seriously are going to cause parks to close to prevent them from being idiots.

Rant over; I’m just frustrated by the people who aren’t listening to the warnings or watching what is happening in Italy or New York right now.

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