Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Day 16

Today is the last day of March, which has seemed like the longest month ever (though April is shaping up to seem much longer). To wrap up the month, here are some positives and achievements:

  • I ran 150 miles in March, which was the most since April 2017
  • Liam started saying a few more words, including “elbow,” “apple,” “bum,” and “poo” (those last two are proof he is my child)
  • I have been up-to-date with laundry for the first time ever!
  • I started writing on my blog daily, which helps me process and deal with what’s happening
  • I finished reading my seventh book of 2020
Day 16: Baby bed head

Day 16 (March 31)

Today was a good day, though it was grey and cold outside so we skipped our daily walk. I got my fresh air by running at 5:30 before work. Kids were up at a decent time and ate their breakfast while I did some laundry.

Day 16: Getting work done

Part of my day job is to manage a car news website, and while I know very basic coding I’m completely lost when it comes to anything more complicated. So today, I started taking a basic web development course to help me understand that stuff more. A lot of the course covered things I already knew, but if nothing else it was a good refresher and reminded me of some things I had learned previously and then forgotten. So I felt quite accomplished today.

I also did some work while sitting on the couch with Rose and watching Toy Story 4. It was nice to relax a little, and she was warm and snuggly so it felt nice to cuddle.

Day 16: Couch snuggles

I don’t know how long this stay-at-home order will last. My friend who lives in Virginia told me that her state extended theirs until June 10th today. As of now, ours is still not officially extended to May (that I know of) but I wouldn’t be surprised if this lasts another two months. It’s a little worrisome to think about having to do this juggling act for another 10 or more weeks, but in the grand scheme of things it’s not that long, especially if it helps prevent our hospitals from becoming overwhelmed.

I know we are lucky to feel fairly secure in our jobs (though there’s never any guarantee) and I don’t want to take that for granted by complaining about not being able to leave the house.

Anyway, Rose is very excited that it’s April tomorrow because it’s her birthday month! Hoping we can make it special for her even though we won’t be able to spend it with extended family or friends.

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