Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Day 17

Oh, boy. Today was a rough one.

Day 17: It’s hard to say “cheese” when you’re snacking

Day 17: April 1

I had a couple of work meetings as well as some other work goings on that kept me pretty busy. The kids were well-behaved; Rose did some ABC Mouse activities and some art, and Liam pottered around while I worked and then took a pretty long nap.

But holy cow, they were LOUD! And I did absolutely no exercise today, so by the time Ben got home I felt like a giant turd. My neck and back hurt a little from sitting all day, and I just feel lazy (though I didn’t overeat so I guess that’s something! I was cold all day and didn’t even bother checking the weather to decide if we should go for a walk. In hindsight, it wasn’t too bad when I took out the trash, so a walk probably would have been good for us all.

Day 17: Rose’s beautiful rainbow, unicorn, and star

One highlight of today was Rose painting one of our front windows. I taped the outline of a rainbow with painter’s tape and she painted in between the lines, and then she freehanded a unicorn (the pink thing in the picture) and a star (the purplish thing that looks a bit like a house). There was some leftover paint, so I painted a heart and some dots on the upper part of the window. Rosie had a lot of fun and asked if we could paint the other window in that room tomorrow! I’ve been meaning to buy a rainbow flag for our front garden to counteract the Trump 2020 flags on either side of us, but this will do nicely for now.

Day 17: The finished window

I feel sad for the world and for my friends who are being affected by this pandemic. It’s just hard to stay positive every day. But tomorrow will be better; I’m planning to run before work, and we WILL go out for a walk tomorrow. Plus, the sit/stand desk I ordered is arriving so once that’s assembled I’ll have a more comfortable workstation and won’t be sitting all day, which is exciting!

Hope everyone had a good first day of April.

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