Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Day 18

Phew, almost through another week. It’s hard to believe it’s almost been three weeks of this. And since our governor extended the stay-at-home order again today to May 1, it’s going to be at least another 4 weeks. Wheeee!!!

Day 18: I let Rosie pick out my outfit today; luckily I didn’t have any meetings

Day 18: April 2

The sun was shining today, which was nice to see after a cold and grey week. We had a good morning. I got some work done, Rose did her learning app, and Liam scooted and sorted and banged and colored.

I took Liam up for his nap around noon. He seemed to settle after we read books, but then when I came downstairs he started yelling and banging on his crib. I went up a few more times to settle him and he would be quiet for a while but then quickly start back up again. I eventually gave up and went to get him up. I figured some fresh air might help him drift off (spoiler: it did not).

As we were about to leave for our walk, the delivery van from Warped Wing brewery showed up. I ordered beer online yesterday with free delivery and it showed up today. Really fast turnaround and the raspberry beer was really good post-walk while we were playing in our backyard.

Day 18: Beer delivery

The sit/stand desk I ordered also arrived today, so we’ll put it together over the weekend and hopefully next week I’ll be a little more comfortable.

I had some ups and downs today, especially around the time of the governor’s press conference. I was so worried he would close the parks due to people not following social distancing orders, but he kept them open for now. Not that we have been visiting the parks, but maybe we will do that this weekend if we need to get out.

Going to have a second beer now and watch some trashy TV.

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