Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Day 19

Today was one of those days where I expected to get a lot done and be really productive, but in reality the day was a flop as far as productivity goes.

Fun fact, though: Five years ago today was my due date with Rose. She ended up hanging out in my belly for another 10 days before eventually making her entrance to the world.

Day 19: Started the day with a 6-mile run with this lovely sunrise

Day 19: April 3

Ben was off work today, so in my head that meant I wouldn’t have kids interrupting me and I would get a butt-ton of work done.

What actually happened was that Ben went out for a run in the morning, and while he was gone Liam decided to suddenly become a tantrum-ridden nightmare of a toddler who at one point cried and screamed for a solid 30 minutes. I literally screamed into a pillow at one point (side note: that does actually help!) so I wouldn’t lose my shit with him. I ended up giving him lunch early and putting him to bed, hoping he would wake up in a better mood.

He then lay in his crib for at least an hour, yelling (though not crying, luckily) and kicking the side of his crib loudly. Since he did the same thing yesterday I worried this was him telling us he doesn’t need a nap anymore. But right as I was about to go upstairs and try to calm him down, he went to sleep. Phew!

While he was upstairs yelling, Rose was in the kitchen talking to Ben very loudly about all kinds of random things. At this point I thought how nice it would be if I could just leave the house and find somewhere quieter to work, like the library. But, you know, everything’s closed.

Finally and mercifully, Rose stopped talking (thanks, Disney+) and I actually got some work done.

Ben made a Costco trip this afternoon and managed to get almost everything we needed. Once he got back, we all went out for a walk to enjoy the sun. Hopefully we can spend lots of time outside together this weekend. All I have on my list is a freelance article to write by Sunday night, so apart from that my weekend will consist of sleeping, running, reading, playing outside, eating, and drinking. Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend!

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