Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Days 20-22

The weekend flew by way too fast despite us going nowhere, and now here we are at the beginning of another week. But first, here’s a recap of our weekend.

Days 21 and 21 (April 4 and 5)

Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day. We had the windows open all day and spent a lot of time outside. I did a virtual 5K in the morning (went a little too fast and ended up hurting my knee) and then I built my new sit/stand desk in the afternoon while Liam was napping and Ben and Rose were outside planting bushes. We ordered pizza for dinner and ate way too much.

I got up early to do a long run on Sunday but my knee said no, so I lounged around the house drinking coffee instead. Sunday was one of those days where I ate too much and didn’t do much exercise and felt pretty crappy. But sometimes it’s necessary to have a day like that! I did break my sewing machine out of the basement to make a couple of cloth masks for when Ben goes grocery shopping so I feel like I did something useful.

Day 22 (April 6)

Day 22: When you leave a toddler unattended for 5 minutes

Today, I got up and ran before work. It was a little chilly outside but it felt good. I was showered and at my desk with my coffee by 7. I got a fair amount done but was also reminded of the things I said I would do but hadn’t done, so it was both a good and a bad morning. I also had to deal with a big tantrum from Rose because I wouldn’t carry wooden blocks up to her room because I was busy working (trying to work). We got through it, but it was tough there for a while.

Liam had a good nap today so I was able to focus on work while Rose watched Disney movies and did some coloring. We are making a COVID-19 time capsule so today she colored the front page and wrote her name on it. It’s very beautiful. Tomorrow we’ll add to it.

Day 22: Rose’s time capsule front cover

Around 4 we headed out for a walk and ended up going a little over 2.5 miles. It was another beautiful day (warm with a nice breeze that stopped it from being too hot). It’s days like this when we walk and it’s so quiet outside and peaceful that I find it hard to believe the bad things that are happening in the world right now. It would be so easy to forget, but then I always come back to the news or my social media feed reminding me of the reality of this pandemic.

Hope everyone is staying safe (and sane)!

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