Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Day 23

Hard to believe we are into the third week of this, with many more weeks to follow. Yet here we are!

Day 23 (April 7)

Today was a pretty uneventful day, luckily. I got up and did a strength workout in my basement dungeon, showered, and got to work. I had a few calls today, most of which I spent with my desk in the stand position. I can definitely tell a difference from sitting all day, even if I only stand for a couple of hours total during the day. My back and shoulders feel less tight.

Day 23: Snacks in the car

Rose spent a lot of the day watching Disney+. It was a good way to keep her occupied while I was video chatting with people, and it kept her quiet while Liam was napping. She did spend some time playing outside, though, and we went for our usual walk at 4 p.m. She spent most of the walk picking dandelions from people’s yards and making a beautiful dandelion bouquet. Rose recently discovered that some people don’t like dandelions and spray chemicals on their lawns to kill them. She was horrified.

Day 23: Time for our walk

After our walk we played outside until dinnertime, and then we ate dinner outside. Everyone was pretty well behaved… until right about now, when Liam is crying rather than going to sleep and I’m trying to give him five minutes to see if he can soothe himself rather than go in there for the fourth time. He is usually good about going to sleep so this is unusual; hopefully he’s not sick or teething or anything, poor guy.

Let’s hope tomorrow is just as uneventful!

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