Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Day 24

This is probably going to be a pretty short post. Nothing of note really happened today. It was just another day. Kind of seems like all days are like that lately, just blurring together into one super massive day.

Day 24: Cute outfit that lasted about two hours before being pooped on

Day 24 (April 8)

Fun fact: When I was pregnant with Rose in 2015 I was given two different due dates. One was April 3 and the other was April 8. She made her appearance on April 13.

Today went pretty fast. Up early, run outside, shower, coffee, work. A few meetings to keep things moving. A couple of super poopy diapers to deal with. It was really beautiful outside today, and Rose ended up spending a lot of the day playing out there by herself. I am grateful that I have a child who enjoys her own company and can entertain herself; I know many are not so lucky.

We went for our usual walk, though it was a bit shorter than usual with it being a bit warmer than we’re used to. We also had our new lawnmower delivered today, so Ben took care of the grass this evening (which is nice because it was starting to bug me).

Somehow we are more than halfway through the fourth week of this work-from-home-with-kids thing. Looking forward to a three-day weekend coming up where we can celebrate my big girl turning 5!

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