Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Day 25

Day 25 seems so much more daunting than day 24 for some reason. Like, we’re almost at 30 days, which is a month. A whole month of staying home and working/parenting. I’m exhausted.

Day 25 (April 9)

Catherine Hiles freelance writer
Day 25: I didn’t take any photos today so here’s an old one of me and my babes

I didn’t sleep well at all last night. We had some pretty intense storms rolling through starting around 10:30. I hadn’t been asleep for long when they woke me up.

I’m not usually one to be overly concerned about storms. But when the Memorial Day tornadoes came through last year, our tornado sirens were going off and I slept right through them. Before I went to bed last night I saw that the National Weather Service had put our area under a Tornado Watch, so once the storm woke me up I couldn’t get back to sleep for worrying about sleeping through tornado sirens.

I went into the hallway bathroom so I wouldn’t wake Ben up, and I sat there for 45 minutes continuously checking various weather apps, the NWS Twitter account, and the radar. One of my good friends who lives closer to Cincinnati was in her basement with her family with the sirens going off, and I was completely freaking out. Weirdly, the entire time the storms were coming through, there was hardly any wind; looks like most of that was south of us. Eventually, the radar looked pretty clear so I went back to bed, but I didn’t sleep well and was exhausted when I woke up this morning.

Surprisingly, my day went pretty well considering my lack of sleep. I got quite a lot done. I mostly remembered to feed my kids. I drank some coffee but not an insane amount. I decided that we would skip our walk today because I am tired and it’s pretty windy outside, so instead I lay on the couch with the kids and zoned out.

Hoping for a better night’s sleep tonight… no storms forecasted at least!

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