Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Days 27-30

Yesterday was a day off for me (from work… the rest is inescapable) so I didn’t update as usual. It was Rose’s birthday! More about that in a moment.

Days 27 and 28 (April 11-12)

The weekend was pretty uneventful. We did some lounging around, some playing, and spent some time outside. Ben did a long run on Saturday and I did one on Sunday. We ordered dinner Saturday night and played in the backyard with some new outdoor toys.

Day 29 (April 13)

When this started, I didn’t really think we would still be social distancing by Rose’s birthday. But after a week or so I realized that we would definitely not be back to normal by then. We had to cancel a planned trip to the beach in South Carolina, scratch any party plans, and plan for a birthday spent at home with no friends or extended family.

Day 29: Birthday girl!

I think that reality was harder on me than it was on Rose, who early on yesterday declared that it was the best day of her life. She got a LOT of cards and presents (honestly more than she would have on a regular birthday) and spent the day playing with her new toys, eating cake and pizza, and telling us how she would try new foods now she is five.

She did try a slice of banana (she has never in her life tried banana before) and said it was good. She also said she wanted to try tacos, but when I asked what she would want in a taco she said “cheese”… so pretty much just a quesadilla, then.

The only downside was that it was cold outside so we couldn’t go for a walk or play outside. I think that was more of a downside for me than for Rose, though.

Also, I can’t believe my baby girl is five years old.

Day 30 (April 14)

Day 30: Me and my little man

Everything was back to our new normal today. Get up early, treadmill run, coffee and work, parenting, repeat. Liam has been extra whiny and annoying in general the last few days, and today was no exception. At one point I was trying to edit articles while he was on my lap trying to put his feet in my face.

Also, it’s cold outside again so I decided to skip the afternoon walk. I would be fine walking outside, but Rose would whine about how cold it is and I’m not up for that today. I might go for a quick walk when Ben gets home before dinner just to get 20 minutes of peace and quiet.

Today is definitely a drinking day.

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