Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Day 31

How has it been a month of working from home with the kids? It seems like the normal thing now. It’s weird that I can barely remember what it’s like to drop them off at daycare and actually go into the office.

Day 31 (April 15)

I don’t know if it’s because I was off work on Monday, but this week so far has seemed very busy and hectic. Yesterday and today, 4 p.m. has come and gone with no attempt to get outside for our walk. That is partly due to the fact that it’s been cold and windy outside, and partly due to the fact that I have been busy and still working at that time. I definitely feel like I am making up for those days where I don’t get very much done.

Day 31: The disaster zone behind my work desk

Today was busy because of meetings. It was nice to have something normal in the day but it resulted in the kids’ schedule being thrown off slightly. We didn’t really have breakfast (just snacks), and lunch was a little later than normal. I had a team lunch scheduled today and wasn’t sure if I would be able to participate but it ended up working out well. We played Jackbox games over WebEx and Rose was in her element even though she had no idea what was going on. She was mostly excited to show off her birthday gifts and laugh loudly about fart references.

I’m hoping that tomorrow will be a little more low-key. I haven’t been outside since Monday (and then it was only brief because it was so cold) and I need some fresh air. On the bright side, I am learning to enjoy runs on the treadmill.

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