Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Day 32

Today’s post isn’t going to be long. It was a tiring day and right now I just want to pour some wine and sit down with some sewing in front of the TV. So, here’s a very short version of today’s happenings.

Day 32 (April 16)

Day 32: Rose wore underwear on her head and socks on her hands for today’s walk

Here’s a random list of things that happened today.

  • Liam ate the following for breakfast: A bowl of oatmeal, a whole banana, a waffle with jam, and a big handful of blueberries.
  • Rose watched at least two movies plus a handful of Scooby Doo episodes.
  • I spent half the day deciphering numbers from the world’s most confusing spreadsheet, only to realize I had probably been doing it wrong the whole time.
  • Rose peed on the bathroom floor.
  • Liam pooped twice, and during the second diaper change, grabbed his poopy junk and laughed.
  • Rose peed in her underwear (separate incident from the bathroom floor pee).
  • We went for a short walk and it was sunny and felt great.
  • Rose had a Zoom meeting with her friends which ended with her falling down and cutting her knee and us having to go so I could clean her up and get her an Elsa band-aid.
  • Liam fell over on the concrete and scraped his knee, wrist, and face.
  • Rose threw a giant tantrum because she couldn’t swing high enough and it made her mad and frustrated.

That is all. Now it’s time for wine.

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