Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Days 39-44

And so another five days went by. It’s hard to believe I am writing this on day 45. How has that much time passed? Sometimes, it seems like it has been much longer and we have always been in this routine. But other times it drags and I wonder how much longer I can cope with this new (temporary) normal.

Days 39-44 (April 23-27)

Day 41: The beginnings of a big bump on his head

Thursday and Friday were kind of a blur and I honestly don’t remember anything notable happening. I should probably write more frequently so I don’t forget things! But I know we were okay and we survived.

The biggest drain on me lately is ALL. THE. QUESTIONS. that Rose has. It’s never-ending. I feel like I am being interrogated half the day. And there’s not always an answer to the questions she asks. It’s exhausting and most days I don’t have the patience for it. I know it’s just her age and I try to not get annoyed but it’s just all the time.

Day 41: Family walk with Rose dressed like a princess

We did have a good weekend and a good Monday. We spent most of Saturday outside and all of Sunday inside because it was rainy and gross. A quiet day inside with nothing to do is probably what we needed… but I am not good at staying home with nothing to do. I ended up feeling lethargic and have had a headache on and off ever since (*googles “coronavirus symptoms” for the 569th time*).

Just for fun, here are some highlights.

  • On Monday, Rose had a small splinter that I removed with tweezers. She told me I was her hero and then told Daddy that I removed it with my “weasels.”
  • The kids have transferred all the sand from the sand box onto the porch. Liam slipped on said sand on Saturday and gave himself a bloody nose and a bump on the head.
  • Rose put her toy dog Dougal in the fridge because he was hot. We were not allowed to remove him…
  • Liam started saying “HI!” when we go get him up in the mornings and after naptime.
  • Rose put on a “fashion show” for us which was really just her jumping around the living room from the couch to the chair. She charged us $2 each for this.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Day 41: Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog

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