Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Day 46

After a tiring start to the day on Tuesday, I was happy to wake up well-rested Wednesday morning. Though I did have a strange dream that I had to go back to the office and couldn’t remember my routine and couldn’t find my face mask… and when I did find it, it had extra elastic on it that I tried to cut off, which ended up breaking the entire mask apart. Fun times!

Day 46: April 29

Day 46: This is the only photo I took all day

I didn’t wake up at my usual 5:13. Instead, I slept until 5:43 and did not work out. I started work earlier than usual, intending to take a workout break during Liam’s nap time but I ended up working through and not doing any exercise. Whoops?

The day went quickly and I was busy. That meant another full day of TV watching for Rosie. Everything was going okay until about 3:30 when I had to load the kids into the car to drop a check off at the post office and do a few other things.

The first problem was that I brought Rose the wrong socks. How awful of me, right? I told her she could go upstairs and get different socks if she didn’t like the ones I gave her… which led to, “UGH I don’t WANT to get my own socks.” Okay, bud. We then went through some shoe drama, but we finally got in the car.

Then we went through the upset of Rose not having any gum, and her thinking that I was not going to let us go for a walk to splash in puddles like I promised. I got home, parked in the garage, and got our raincoats on for our walk. Liam and I made it to the end of the driveway; Rose took one step outside and started crying because she was cold. At that point I picked up Liam and went back inside. I had the choice between his short-term tantrum because we weren’t going for a walk and he LOVES walks, and us going on a walk and listening to Rose complain and cry the entire time.

Liam and I went and played in our backyard and had fun splashing and getting super wet, while Rose stayed inside crying and ripping her artwork off the walls. Then later, she cried because I told Ben that she had put some artwork in the trash and she said she didn’t do that (it certainly wasn’t me who put it in the trash).

So, apparently when people told me that five was worse than three or four, they were right? I’m definitely wondering at this point how we will get through the teenage years because it feels like we are already there.

Today is a new day, though, and I already told her we would be watching less TV today and that I want there to be less yelling and crying (as I type this she is starting to overreact about something and I fully expect tears and yelling to follow shortly…).

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