Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Days 52 and 53

So far, this week has been fairly good. Probably the best thing is that is has gone quite quickly and we are somehow at the end of Wednesday. The weather has not been fantastic but it’s not awful so I guess *meh*?

Days 52 and 53 (May 5 and 6)

A lot of people celebrated Cinco de Mayo with carry-out Mexican food and margaritas. I celebrated by making garlic bread and pasta with homemade pesto and eating enough to feed at least two people.

Day 52: Homemade baguettes for Cinco de Mayo?

I don’t really get Cinco de Mayo. It’s probably because I didn’t grow up here and it’s not a thing in England. Kind of like St. Patrick’s Day. However, I fully support the eating of tacos and the drinking of margaritas — I just didn’t feel like making any yesterday (and didn’t want to add a carry-out order that would probably take an hour because of high demand).

Tuesday was a pretty grey and cloudy day. I had a good day at work, but we skipped the walk because it was cold outside and I didn’t want to deal with Rose complaining about the cold. So instead, we watched The Princess and The Frog while I made dinner. It was fine, until I told Rose it was time to turn the movie off, which resulted in some drama. I got out of the bedtime routine and instead had a FaceTime happy hour with a good friend, which was awesome.

Wednesday was sunny, which was definitely appreciated (and needed). My mood felt cloudy, though. I had a hard time focusing and didn’t feel like I achieved much at work. I actually called it quits a little early around 3:30 because I needed to get outside. The kids and I walked to a nearby park that has a big grassy hill they like to run up and down, and then we walked home. They played outside while I got dinner started and cracked open a beer.

Day 53: This guy somehow managed to climb into his high chair all by himself…

I mentioned in my last post that I am taking part in the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee. There’s an interactive map that tracks where in the state you are based on your mileage, and as of yesterday I am in the suburbs of Memphis. Never been there in person to have any idea what it’s like there, but it’s nice to be able to see my progress as I continue to run and walk for my sanity. I can add another 7 miles to the total today (5 run and 2 walk) so it’ll be fun to see where in Tennessee that gets me!

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