Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Days 54 and 55

Another week is over and it’s Mother’s Day weekend! I know I have a real gift waiting because there is a large box in the hallway I’m not allowed to open until Sunday, according to Rose. But she did give me a seed from her apple today and told me it was a Mother’s Day gift and that we could plant it together. She’s going to be a bit disappointed when there are no apples growing after a few days.

Days 54 and 55: May 7 and 8

Thursday and Friday went much the same as the rest of the week went: quickly. I felt like I had a lot to keep me busy with work and the kids were mostly well-behaved. Now I’m ready for the weekend, though it looks like it’ll be a bit colder than I would like.

Day 54: The only way to eat (cold) oatmeal is with your shirt off

Here are a few things that happened this week while I was trying to work:

  • Liam threw a pretty major tantrum during a work call, so I shut myself in the garage so I could hear the call and actually focus and respond. That made him even madder…
  • Liam decided to play a fun new game, which involved him splashing in the toilet water with the toilet brush and getting the floor all wet.
  • Rose watched approximately 599 hours of TV (but she did spend a lot of time on her learning apps so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Liam grabbed a kitchen knife off the table and ran at me with it, laughing maniacally.
  • Liam tried to eat a bunch of washers from the playset. He had at least 10 in his mouth before I caught him.
  • Rose FaceTimed with my mother, which involved my mum staring at the ceiling most of the time while Rose talked about whatever popped into her head.
  • Liam got his leg stuck in the crib slats on two separate occasions. The second time it took some muscle to get his leg out and I was afraid he’d hurt himself… but as soon as it was out he popped up laughing and started running around his crib.

Main takeaways from this week: my sweet innocent baby is no longer a sweet innocent baby. He is a troublesome toddler.

Day 55: Outdoor run before work, getting tired of the cold temperatures

In non-toddler news, I am now virtually in a place called Cordova, Tennessee, with 50.4 miles down and a lot more to go. I also signed up for a year-long challenge to run the distance of the Ohio border, which is apparently 1118.87 miles. What else do I have to do right now?

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