Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Days 59 and 60

Holy cow, it’s been 60 days! It feels like it has been much longer than that, and yet it also seems like the time is passing quickly. Kind of like when you have a baby and the individual days seem so long, yet after what seems like no time at all you have a one year old.

Days 59 and 60 (May 12 and 13)

Tuesday and Wednesday this week were much better than the weekend and Monday. There’s still no word on what’s going on with daycares, but I don’t feel an anxious about it.

The days themselves were good, with a decent amount of work done and well-behaved kids during the day. We got out for walks both days — today in particular was warmer than it has been and being outside felt great.

Day 60: When she was being nice and not a jerk

Rose’s bedtime was rough tonight. There was screaming and tears, refusal to talk, and eventually my threat of no books if she couldn’t get her shit together (not the words I used) became reality. Of course, that led to her being really horrible to me… telling me she wanted Daddy but not me (that’s a pretty regular occurrence but this was in a more spiteful manner) and pushing me when I tried to sit down on her bed with her. On nights like this, all I want is 30 minutes to myself to sit down before I pass out from exhaustion, and instead I find myself yelling, threatening, and bargaining with a five year old to just go to bed. Tonight I asked why she is so mean to me and she just pushed me out of her room. Okay then!

Any survival tips for five year olds who are acting like jerks?

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