Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Days 66-69

I haven’t posted in a few days, partly because nothing of note has really happened. It’s rained most of the week, and when it hasn’t been raining it’s been cold. Hoping that the nicer weather forecasted for the weekend will actually happen!

Days 66-69 (May 19-22)

As I already mentioned, we got a LOT of rain this week. That meant after-work walks did not happen most days. It also meant that the house was more chaotic and I started drinking immediately after work as my wild children chased each other around the house, screaming and yelling loudly.

Day 69: Liam got some new rain boots and is ready to splash in some puddles!

We did get some clarity on childcare this week. The kids’ daycare is reopening on June 1. I’m planning to keep them home for a couple of weeks after opening and sending them back either in mid-June or early July. Part of me wants to keep them home because I love spending time with them, but another part of me is looking forward to being able to work in peace. I’ll continue working from home as long as returning to the office is optional.

While I am nervous about having the kids go back to daycare, I also think Rose really needs to have some semblance of a normal routine. We went by the building yesterday to drop off a check, and she asked if she could go inside. I literally slid the check under the door and left, but I think seeing the building made her realize how much she misses her friends and her teachers. I know “normal” will look different when she goes back, but there’s nothing I can do to change that.

Day 69: Picking up sticks on our walk

Today I got to stop working a little earlier than usual because of the long weekend, so we went for a 3-mile walk. It took a LONG time (I have to remember to reset my time expectations when walking with kids) but we had a lovely time and the weather was perfect for walking.

Hope everyone has a good three-day weekend!

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