Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Days 70-80

Enjoying the nice weather

I haven’t felt like writing as much lately given everything that is going on right now. It feels like writing about the struggle of staying home with my kids while working is irrelevant given that others are struggling with the inability to do everyday things like go for a walk without the fear of being killed. I also realize that this time period will end soon when my kids go back to daycare. It’s been a great outlet to write about my struggles and I’d like to think I will continue writing once things go back to “normal,” whatever that word means right now.

Days 70-80 (May 20-June 2)

The last week or so hasn’t come with any major surprises. We’ve had some good times and some not-so-good times. I’ve had moments of thinking I’d like to stay home with my kids and freelance on the side, and moments where I can’t wait for them to go back to daycare so I can more fully focus on my job.

Family walk

We’ve had good weather, which has meant lots of time spent outside. I’ve done some running and May was my highest mileage month ever (161 miles running and 36 miles walking). As of the end of May, I am at 197 miles in my race across Tennessee challenge and am currently past Deerfield on the map. For the Ohio challenge, I am at 110 miles and heading towards Portsmouth.

Daycare opened back up yesterday and from what I saw everything went well. I’m hoping to send them back within the next 2-4 weeks after seeing how things are post-reopening Ohio. I am looking forward to that but also dreading it a little — I’ve loved spending this bonus time with them despite how trying it has been at times. I think Rose will love to be back with her friends but I think Liam will have some trouble adjusting.

Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy.

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